Yelp Reviews

Some highlights from our Yelp! page:

“You are seriously missing out if you have not seen this show!  The show is a completely improvised 1940’s radio show, with hilarious commercial breaks … and don’t forget the music and sound effects! First an audience member picks the genre of the story they are going to act out: western, sci-fi, horror, adventure, etc. Then the audience names the characters, and then they have us give a few more suggestions for ads and sponsors. And don’t forget the title! Then the show begins … completely and brilliantly improvised. My friends and had a great time and can’t wait to go back.”

–Suzanne C. 6/9/2012


Phenomenal.  Perfect.  Brilliant.  Bright, amazing, enchanting, delightful, hilarious, wonderful-where do I stop?I simply cannot say enough good things about Liquid Radio Players.  Delightful! I said that already.  Wonderful! If you’re THINKING about seeing them-GO see them.   If you’re looking at your pocketbook & counting $ & wondering about “Eh, will it be wooorth it?”  Yeah, yeah it will.

–Adam B. 8/2/2012


“Hysterical!  You WILL laugh.
You WON’T cry.  And you WILL be thoroughly entertained.  Participative theater meets Orson Wells radio.  Brian Breiter and crew are very talented and prove their worth on the stage in highly amusing and intelligent ways.  A fantastic date night.”

Geoff E. 7/24/2012


“This show is amazing.  I can’t believe they make the whole thing up.I thought it had to be scripted, cause they hold “scripts”  when in reality they are blank pieces of paper.  They do the whole show based on an audience suggestion.  I really enjoyed the fact they have a foley artist on the side making all the sound effects.  This brings me back to the days of old time radio. … Go see this show, you won’t be disappointed.”

–Francis M. 3/22/2012