William Howard Taft High School

Question: How can a show so spontaneous, so over-the-top hilarious, be G-rated?

My high school drama students were laughing so loud, none of them noticed there was not a cuss word or blue moment in your entire one-hour program. In an era when it’s difficult to find any new entertainment appropriate for young audiences, your 1940’s-style improvised radio show is something inspiring and something unique. My students were so captivated from start to finish, and could scarcely believe that the pages of your radio “script” were entirely blank.

The workshop that followed was equally fun and useful. Students thought you were going to teach them how to become instant Jim-&-Drew Careys, and were surprised to learn that the art of improvisation is a building-block process beginning with simple, relational game playing. Many of them held back at first, but your team of seasoned professionals coaxed the “little kid” in my image-conscious high-schoolers to come out to play.

Special thanks to Travis Oates who stayed an additional two periods to work with my more advanced students. They loved him.

Again, my sincere thanks to you, Stan, and your liquid cohorts. Hope we can talk you into returning again next year.


John Slade
Instructor of English and Drama
William Howard Taft High School