Brian Breiter

Brian St. Breiter was born with a microphone in one hand and a bottle of Schweppes seltzer in the other. The child of the famous Vaudevillian duos, Hershel and Stelle, Mr. St. Breiter is carrying on the family traditions of schmaltzy comedy.

Brian Giovanni

Brian began his improv escapades with his college troupe Burpee’s Seedy Theatrical Company. Now, he can be seen regularly on the Acme stage as part of their main improv company, as well as the comedic web-series “Robot, Ninja, and Gay Guy,” which he also scored music for. He has also composed music for a number of short films, including the award-winning PBS documentary “Survey on Cyprus.” In his spare time, Brian enjoys experiments, mystery, and adventure.

Brian Habicht

Although nimble, Brian likes ice cream from time to time. Whaaaat? Enjoy the Show.

Chuck Lotta

Chuck grew up in Rockford , Illinois with a fire and passion to get the hell out of Rockford , Illinois . He graduated from WIU with honors and immediately moved to the West Coast. Throughout his career, Chuck has performed in a variety of improvisational styles including long form, short form/game and audience interactive such as Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding and renaissance fairs. He was a founding member and director of Elastic Picnic Improv in Seattle . Since moving to Los Angeles , he has appeared in several commercials and short films. Besides acting , Chuck is a skydiver, inventor and ordained minister with a half dozen weddings under his belt. (What can’t this guy do?)

Craig Tollifson

The Emmy award-winning “bad boy” of Liquid, Craig has been alive ever since he can remember. He’s a writer, and, back when it was cool, he wrote for Comedy Central’s Mystery Science Theater 3000. He’s been improvising for over a decade– ever since that power was bestowed on him by a magical talking fish.

Dave Cox

An amphibian, Dave is fond of pie. Does he look familiar? Maybe you grew up in Illinois, or attended the University of Houston, or worked comedy clubs across this great land of ours. Maybe you studied/worked/performed with the Groundlings, or Improv Olympic or bang! Improv Theater, or ComedySportz. Are you a professional, award winning magician, a writer for Paramount, HBO, or VH-1, or a player of jazz tuba? Were you in “Teenage Catgirls in Heat”or “Baseketball” or did you co-host “Arena” for the G4 network? Did he teach you improvisation, dialects, Improv Shakespeare, or an important lesson about sharing? Maybe you saw him in “Opening Night: The Improvised Musical!” or “The Spontaneous Shakespeare Company” or at the world famous Magic Castle. Maybe he just looks a little like Noah Wylie. One thing is for sure: he’s very serious about the pie thing.

Visit his website at

Gary Rae

Gary Rae began in radio with the role of Baby Oopsie in the long-running “Grandma’s Stoop.” War broke out and he lied about his age. By chance, 1942 found him reading the news for the Liquid Network (well…”to” them: the entire staff was illiterate), and soon LRP cast him as: the kindly uncle, or the dim neighbor, or the evil foreigner. Or feel free to rearrange those adjectives or nouns.

Jesse Mackey

Jesse Mackey is very proud to be one of the Liquid Radio Players! For more of Jesse Mackey, you can go to the ACME Comedy Theatre where he can be seen performing sketch comedy and improv. If that’s not enough to quench your Mackey thirst, you might head on down to the Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly Hills(where Jesse teaches the Re-Creating Radio program for kids) and look for episodes of HBO’s Sketch Pad or Mr. Show, or the daytime smash, Days of Our Lives. If that’s still not enough to sate your quest for Mackey, listen to him via this website in “The Chicago Mummy” or “My Wacky Wednesday”. If then, you still find yourself with a hankerin’ for the JMack, e-mail him, and he will thank you.

Kimberly Lewis

Kimberly Lewis ain’t your average dame. She’s got dreams, see, big dreams of gettin’ outta this two bit town and headin’ to the big city where she can blend into the nameless, faceless crowd and forget all about her dark past. Until then, kid, you can catch her right here on the swell ACME stage most any night of the week.

Kristen Trucksess

Kristen is from New Jersey where the air is sweet. She studied in England, but was kicked out because of a nasty “tube pass” incident. Since coming to rest in Los Angeles, she has been in a lot of stuff on the T.V. She is also a proud member of The Acme Comedy Theater main company. If you talk to her she will not respond in the third person, give it a try.

Lisa Malone

Lisa Malone– yakkity yakkity yak, blah blah blah…

Maurissa Afanador

Maurissa Afanador has played with and sometimes been paid by Chicago’s Second City, ImprovOlympic, ComedySportz, The San Francisco Mime Troupe, and Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. She also penned the foul though critically acclaimed plays, Storytime With The Dead Mrs. Treat and The (Magnificent) Ass Show.

Michael Perkins

Mined from the comedy ore that is Davis, California’s ACME Theatre Company, Michael was shipped south to Los Angeles where he was extracted and refined via the student-metallurgy of The Groundlings, UCB LA, and ACME Comedy Theatre, where he can now be seen in distilled form in various improvised and sketch compounds. His value is generally estimated at $0.62/oz, but actual market value naturally depends upon daily fluctuations in the commodities market (consult your local exchange or broker).

Robert Covarrubias

Robert Covarrubias was born on the Eastside of the City of the Angels. He managed to avoid the street gangs in his early years, but in High School he fell in with a thespian crowd. Not heeding his parents advice, he became a Theater Arts Major in college, where is was exposed to the likes of Moliere, Shakespeare, and Commedia dell’Arte. This led to his leaving school in his third year to join the circus and become a clown. He now runs with Impro Theatre Los Angeles, Cold Tofu, and Acme’s Zebra Company. He has appeared over 200 times on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and can be seen in The Terminal and Sideways.

Visit Robert’s website:

Stan Morse

Stan cut his television teeth so to speak, by directing over 300 comedy segments for Load TV an Internet television provider. Imaginary forces awarded Stan his award wining campaign for Coors Light. After directing the Coors light campaign Stan signed with “Straw Dogs” as a live action commercial comedy director, directing other notable campaign’s including Fox sports net, Red Bull, AT&T. Recent campaigns for the Tennessee Lottery featuring Isaac Hayes merited Stan a prestige’s “ADDY AWARD”. Stan’s Music video credits include: KJ52, The elms (currently in rotation on MTV2), Sanctus Real, Skillet (MTV2) “Live From Memphis” showcase winner, Avalon “Live”, Toby Mac “Live”, Steven Curtis Chapman “Live” and Zoegirl, nominated for the 35th GMA Awards. Stan recently finished the feature “The Road Home” Staring Wilford Brimley where he directed second unit. Stan is also the director and founder of the Award winning “Liquid Radio Players” 1940’s improvised radio show based in Los Angeles. Stan is also the co-founder of “Cabaret Dada” Improv Theater in Cleveland Ohio currently in their 10th season. Stan is currently represented by “Helium Boy Productions” a Nashville based Production Company for commercials and music videos. Union affiliations: AFTRA, DGA.SAG

Steve Benaquist

Steve Benaquist has been a member of Liquid Radio Players since 2002. He is a comedian, writer and actor. Based in Los Angeles, he also performs at clubs and festivals around the U.S. and abroad. He has shared the bill with Louis CK, Jim Gaffigan, Zach Galifianakis, Maria Bamford, Dana Gould and many more. Steve has appeared in sketches on Conan, a raft of national commercials, short films and videos. Two of his own short films were selected for the 2012 L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival. He also has written and produced shows for Spike, History, BBC and more. Trained at the Groundlings, UCB and Acme theaters, he is also a founding member of improv cage-match champions L. Ron Jeremy.

Susan Peahl

Susan has been improvising, directing, and teaching improv professionally for over seventeen years. Sue comes to LRP from NYC where she performed on and off Broadway, and in many corporate industrials, as well as with the very popular Chicago City Limits Improv Comedy. She improvised at Disney’s Pleasure Island in Orlando, then came to L.A., working in TV, voice over, improv, and as a singer. You can also see her on “World Cup Comedy” on PAX TV,in “Older Girls Gone Reasonabley Wild”, and the fabulous “Tiny and Les” show.

Travis Oates

Travis Oates performs comedy because of his grandfather Chet. When Travis was little, his grandfather would laugh a lot. Nobody was really sure what his grandfather was laughing at, but people let him laugh cause he was old and old people can turn on you if you question them. As the years went by, Travis started to do funny things so that when people would come over they wouldn’t ask, “Why is that old guy laughing so much. Is he going to be institutionalized like your dad and your uncle Rocky?” Travis is in therapy.