LA Weekly Review

With “On Air” and “Applause” signs flashing overhead, improv troupe Liquid Radio Players toss blank script pages onto the stage as they re-create a 1940s-style radio show with alarmingly sharp wit. Audience members suggest the show’s title, characters, and sponsor, based on a spin of the Wheel of Fate, and the fedora-topped Players take it from there.

A foley smorgasbord (bells, boxing glove, shoes, maracas) adds period effect. On opening night of “Support Your Privates,” the action turned on a scavenger hunt promoted by a Mexican radio show, hosted by “Jesus Extravanganza.” The final item to find: a golden midget. This non-sequitur soon became an integral part of the plot, as the cast seamlessly incorporated self-cooking trouts and hot-air balloons into a hilariously coherent tale. Occasional lapses into anachronism were quickly corrected by the announcer (“the [remote microphone] cords flailed behind them…”), adding even more mirth. A word from Q-tips: “They don’t always work, but they comfort me. They stop me from hearing my own screams.”