LA Weekly Pick of the Week

LA Weekly Comedy Pick of the Week!

The Liquid Radio Players really swings. Under Stan Morse’s helm, the Liquid Radio Players comedy troupe’s weekly presentation of an entirely improvised ’40s-style radio serial is a study in acting agility and wit. With the help of the MC/narrator (Craig Tollifson), audience members are asked to think up genre, character, plot — even advertisers. Then various members of the troupe (Kevin Berntson, Brian Breiter, Jennifer Byrnes, Brian Habicht, Kimberly Lewis, Lisa Malone, Holly Mandel, Travis Oates, Gary Rae, David Rasner, Benjamin Taxy, Gary Anthony Williams) assume the roles. One has to appreciate the actors’ efforts to keep up with the improvisational whims of the narrator. Although actors in a jam sometimes resorted to wordplay to get out of jokes going nowhere, the salvation lay in their cruel attempts, while improvising, to crack up their fellow thespians.