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Best Improv In Los Angeles

You just had a horrible day at work, the 101 is at a standstill, and to make matters worse you just found out that your favorite TV show has been canceled. We have the perfect remedy for this less than perfect situation. How about a night of mindless laughter? We recommend you sit back, relax and take in a night of Improvisational Comedy. Of course, those in the know just call it good old Improv.
The Liquid Radio Players show is a fully improvised radio broadcast circa a 1940’s radio hour. With an organist, a narrator, an announcer and a flawless cast of characters, you will be transported to a time that is gone but thankfully not forgotten. The genre and style of each week’s story is dictated by a spinning wheel so you are sure to see something genuine and innovative at every performance. Who needs a time machine when we have the Liquid Radio Players?
– Terry Scannell
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